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Fake quote from parody account ascribed to rape-accused Kerala Bishop resurfaces

A screenshot of a supposed broadcast which attributes a quote to rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal is getting shared on social media – “Whatever happened between me and nun, it is not rape. It is the Holi Ritual of enlightenment to feel the Magical Existence of Holi Jesus at the end of the act.” While posting the screenshot, one Facebook user Rajesh Anubhav commented, “भाई तर्क तो लाजवाब है कोर्ट ने भी मान लिया क्या? (Brother’s logic is amazing. Did the court also agree? -translated)”. Franco Mulakkal, a bishop with a Jalandhar diocese, accused of raping a nun at a convent, will be reportedly facing trial at a Kerala court this November.

भाई तर्क तो लाजवाब है कोर्ट ने भी मान लिया क्या?

Posted by Rajesh Anubhav on Sunday, 3 November 2019

A few more users on Facebook shared the image with an identical narrative.



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