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False claim: Bomb blast inside mosque in Bihar’s Sasaram, 100 bombs found

A claim widely circulated on social media about the recent bomb blast in Sasaram, Bihar, asserts that the explosion took place inside a mosque where a hundred other bombs were also recovered. From the Facebook account of one Manish Kumar, the post drew close to 4,000 shares.

Several users have made the same claim with the message, “आज सासाराम में मोची टोला मोहल्ला मस्जिद में बम बनाते ब्लास्ट हुआ 100 की संख्या में बम बारूद गिरफ्तार हुआ इस तरह का लगभग मस्जिद में काम काम चल रहा है सासाराम रोहतास बिहार।”

On Twitter, a user ‘Akash RSS’, followed by the office of railway minister Piyush Goyal also circulated identical narrative. ‘Akash RSS’ is Akash Soni (@Satynistha) who was earlier featured in an Alt News expose of a…

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