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Old video of sandstorm viral as clouds settled on the road

“तिबत में बादल जमीन पर आके रुक गया…. अद्भुत नजारा (Clouds stopped in the middle of the road in Tibet.)” – is a message viral on social media along with a video.

तिबत में बादल जमीन पर आके रुक गया…. अद्भुत नजारा…..

Posted by Kalola on Wednesday, 30 October 2019

The claim is viral on both Facebook and Twitter.

A few users have also shared the video using a caption in English – “Cloud sitting on road at Tibet.”

Entertainment website Latestly had written an article on the video in September 2018, also claiming that it shows ‘clouds’.

American TV host Ken Rutkowski was among those who shared the video in 2018, tweeting, “This natural phenomenon is very rare.”

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